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A Peek Across the Atlantic

Breeding Our Dog in Münsterland


In January of 2006, I took our Small Munsterlander female, DeJong's Opal (a.k.a. ZhaZha) to Germany for breeding.  I went to Münsterland, the heartland for this breed, to seek out what we--my wife, Cathi, and I--felt was an optimal mate, based on both careful study and a previous visit to Münsterland in 2003.  This article is about my experience in Münsterland, about the difference in traditions and outlooks on hunting dogs and their breeding, and, finally, about why we went to such lengths to breed our dog in this personal, hands-on manner.


Let me start with a brief summary of why we went to such lengths to breed our dog in Germany.  We have a dream! We  envision these dogs taking their place in the pantheon of great American hunting breeds, respected by both the American and European hunting communities with the world-wide gene pool for this breed expanding to allow for ever better Small Munsterlanders.


It's a dream we hope will be embraced by many in the American hunting community with a love for companion hunting dogs and for our precious wildlife heritage. We would like to not only share it with you, but perhaps persuade you to join in the quest.


After filling in many of the details, I'll return at the end of this article to expand on how we are working to achieve this dream.




Few people are well acquainted with Small Munsterlanders, or even have any knowledge of the existence of the breed.  The Small Munsterlander comes from a venerable Northern European breed started in 1912 that now carries a population of about 20,000 dogs throughout Europe.  It is the third most popular hunting dog in Germany.

The purpose of this article is to lay out the heritage of the Small Munsterlander breed and tell the story behind the breeding of one of the potentially finest litters of this breed to be born in America.  Hopefully after reading this, the Small Munsterlander will lose some of its unfamiliarity, and you'll be able to recognize it as a friend and a valuable addition to the list of top-notch hunting dogs in America.  As with people, if you know something about a person's roots, it helps a lot in avoiding prejudice or unwarranted bias.

Please, don't be overwhelmed by what might seem like an excess of detail, because one of the main functions of this article requires it (notably a reference diary for ourselves).  Nonetheless, we hope that you'll discover lots of new facts and find the slide show entertaining. Let us know what you think.

John & Cathi Simmons
Adelshaus Kennels
P.O. Box 362
Camas, WA 98607





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