"B" Litter Puppy Agreement (2009)


Adelshaus Kennels is a not-for-profit kennel dedicated to performance-based American Small Munsterlander Pointers compatible with those of Germany but oriented towards North American hunting conditions; the conservation of our precious wildlife; and dedicated to raising the levels of the world-wide gene pool for this remarkable versatile breed. We are not professional breeders per se; rather both my wife, Cathi, and I are dedicated to both popularizing the breed among hunters and enhancing the Small Munsterlander gene pool in America.


This Agreement applies to the final 5 puppies in the Adelshaus "B" Litter. The Price of the puppy is $800 less performance rebates. (For details see Below) Those wishing to reserve a puppy may do so by supplying a signed copy of this agreement along with a deposit check of $100. Puppies will be available for pickup (or shipment paid by buyer) after June 21, 2009.



Contact Information

Dr. John A. & Cathi W. Simmons

26701 SE 5th Street

Camas, WA 98607






General Legal Considerations:

1) The terms of this agreement shall hold for the natural life of the dog supplied to the owner by Adelshaus Kennels.

2) The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington and the United States of America.

3) Adelshaus Kennels shall have the right-of-first refusal to take ownership of the said dog for its natural life, if the owner is not able to, or decides not to keep the dog for any reason.

4) The dog supplied to the owner by Adelshaus Kennels shall not be registered under any other name than that supplied with its NAVHDA pedigree.

5) Buyer and Adelshaus Kennels will each have signed copies of this Agreement.


Adelshaus Kennels agrees to:

1) Supply a healthy puppy from the litter out of DeJong's Opal and sired by Nicolin's Apollo 13 to (owner). The sex of the puppy will be as agreed between the owner and Adelshaus Kennels.

2) Puppy will be supplied with registration papers from NAVHDA and litter registration for AKC (F.S.S.).

3) Puppy will have first vaccination shots and deworming and will have health certificate from Orchards Veterinary Service.

4) Puppy is guaranteed to conform to the FCI specifications for this breed (FCI specifications). Upon documentation of specification failure due to Severe or Eliminating faults, the puppy may be returned for a refund or, if the owner does not want to return the puppy, we will negotiate a settlement.

5) Provide performance rebates as follows (in no case to exceed $800):

6) Provide performance incentives as follows:


Owner agrees to:

1) Make a good faith effort to train the dog or have it trained for NAVHDA testing up to the UTP level.

2) Have the dog tested in the Penn-Hip testing procedure for hip health after the age of 12 months and before the age of 24 months (See FAQ on Penn-Hip site).

3) Register the dog with the AKC (F.S.S.) (Registration forms will be provided for those needing them.) and to join the SMPCA, which is the AKC club for this breed.

4) Make a good faith effort to contribute to raising the levels of the world-wide gene pool for Small Munsterlander Pointers by being willing to breed dogs that exhibit high performance, health and temperament standards.

5) Be willing to provide input to other Adelshaus owners on the progress of your dog and to answer one or two surveys from Adelshaus Kennels made for statistical purposes.





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