"A" Litter Puppy Agreement (2006)

For any dedicated dog owner, the initial cost of a puppy is only a small part of the investment--both in time
and money--needed to make a great hunting dog. By the same token, we feel that the costs we are
incurring for the breeding we have carried out in Germany, while much greater than that of most breeders,
are not important compared to finding homes and owners for these puppies where they will be trained,
tested, hunted and loved; so that they will have the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential as
hunting dogs.
We have thought hard and long about how to find the right homes in which to place our puppies. We just
can't place them without knowing something about their new owners, and we need some kind of
guarantee that the owners will try to help the puppy reach its potential as a versatile hunting dog. We have
finally decided to require a deposit of $1000 to be placed in a secure interest bearing account and
refunded after the dog has been responsibly hunt tested and Penn-Hip tested.
As it happens our local banker at the Camas branch of Bank of America likes our idea and has
volunteered to act as "fiduciary". He will set up and oversee the accounts and arrange the refunds after
the dog has met the terms of our agreement.
Potential owners wanting a puppy under the terms of this agreement should contact us. If Adelshaus
Kennels accepts the potential owner, then the owner needs to print out a copy of the agreement, sign it
and send it with a check for $100 made out to Adelshaus Kennels. That $100 together with the rest of
the deposit (less a possible charge for a shipping crate for those requiring shipping), due before shipment
of the puppy, will be placed in the owner's account and a receipt from Bank of America will be returned to
the new owner.

General Legal Considerations:
1) The terms of this agreement shall hold for the natural life of the dog supplied to the
owner by Adelshaus Kennels.
2) The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington and the United
States of America.
3) Adelshaus Kennels shall have the right-of-first refusal to take ownership of the said dog for its
natural life, if the owner is not able to, or decides not to keep the dog for any reason. Should
some form of serious life change befall the owner (or dog) so that it becomes impossible to carry
out his/her commitment as put forth in this agreement, a group of Adelshaus owners and
possibly others will be consulted, and Adelshaus Kennels agrees to make to try to find a
responsible resolution to such a mishap taking into account both the needs of the owner and the
4) The dog supplied to the owner by Adelshaus Kennels shall not be registered under any other
name than that supplied with its NAVHDA pedigree.
5) Should Adelshaus Kennels incur any expenses, which might include reasonable attorney's
fees, in association with any action initiated by either party by reason of any dispute under this
Agreement, Adelshaus Kennels shall be entitled to recover from owner or subsequent owner
all expenses for which Adelshaus Kennels is held harmless.

Adelshaus Kennels agrees to:
1) Supply a healthy puppy from the litter out of DeJong's Opal and sired by Nero vom
Eusternbach to (owner). The sex of the puppy will be as agreed between the owner and
Adelshaus Kennels.
2) Puppy will be supplied with registration papers from NAVHDA and SMCNA , and with copies of
"How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves", by Joan Bailey and NAVHDA's "Aims-Programs-Test
Rules". The book "Dog Training for Dummies" by Jack & Wendy Volhard (either edition) is also
recommended for general background material. If the owner already owns the Bailey book, the
Volhard book can be substituted.
3) Puppy will have first vaccination shots and deworming and will have health certificate from
Orchards Veterinary Service.
4) Puppy is guaranteed to conform to the FCI specifications for this breed.
Upon documentation of specification failure due to Severe or Eliminating faults, the Refund
Conditions of the Agreement will be considered completed and deposit will be refunded. In the
case of Eliminating Faults, Adelhaus Kennels also agrees to pay for the neutering of such
puppies, and willingness to carry out such neutering by the Owner is part of this Agreement.
Other well-recognized "eliminating" genetic defects, such as hip dysplasia, not listed in the FCI
standards, will also be subject to the same neutering condition. Neutering for other types of
faults will be dealt with on a case by case basis, as will refunds for faults which are neither
Severe nor Eliminating. In the case of Severe or other significant faults where Adelshaus Kennels
agrees to complete the Refund Condition based on these faults and return the deposit but does
not consider the fault sufficient to require neutering, Adelhaus Kennels reserves the right to
retake possession of the puppy.
5) Place owner's deposit in an interest bearing account at the Camas Branch of the Bank of
America until Refund Conditions in Agreement are completed by owner. The funds in the owner's
deposit account will be returned to the owner by Adelshaus Kennels upon completion of the
Refund Conditions of the Agreement. In case of the owner's failure to comply with the Refund
Conditions of the Agreement or failure to comply with other terms of the agreement before the
Refund Conditions have been completed, the funds in the account will be donated equally to
Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever.
6) If the young dog achieves a NAVHDA UT Prize I before the end of 2008 and the owner
enters that dog in the NAVHDA Invitational Test for which the dog qualifies, Adelshaus
Kennels will pay the fee for that test; and if the young dog passes the Invitational, Adelshaus
Kennels will award $500 to the owner.

Owner agrees to:
1) Print out a copy of this agreement, sign it and send it with a check for $100 made out to
Adelshaus Kennels. Owner's place in line for selecting a puppy will be based upon the time of
receipt of those documents. The remainder of the amount of the agreed-upon deposit will be
sent to Adelshaus Kennels at or before the time of delivery of puppy to owner.
2) Owner will either pick up the puppy at Adelshaus Kennels from May 10-May 20 or make
shipment arrangements for the puppy from May 16-May 21.
Those owners who want their puppy shipped should purchase a ticket from the airline of their
choice for transportation between Portland (Oregon) International Airport and the airport of
their choice and supply the ticket information, including the details for the shipping label, to
Adelshaus Kennels. Adelshaus Kennels will provide the necessary shipping documents and
crate. The new owner will either provide a crate or else Adelshaus Kennels will purchase a new
crate and the cost of that crate will be deducted from the amount of the deposit; that crate cost
will not be placed in the owner's account at Bank of America.
3) Maintain and care for puppy with proper food metered according to directions (products the
equivalent of Nutro's Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy Chow, Innova Large Breed Puppy or
Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy--without corn or by-products & with glucosamine from
age 3-12 months), exercise, and veterinary care. The owner also agrees to socialize the puppy
with both dogs and humans, and to train the puppy in the basic obedience commands. All
owners are encouraged to seek to have their puppy pass the AKC Good Citizen examination.
Exposure to puppy agility facilities or training are also encouraged. Exceptions will be discussed
with Adelshaus Kennels.
4) Owner agrees to participate in the forum (that will be in place on the Adelshaus website), not
only to provide information about the puppies accomplishments and health, but to ask questions
and provide feedback to other owners. Any owner without computer access to this website will
make arrangements with Adelshaus kennels.
5) Owner agrees to test the puppy either in NAVHDA's Natural Ability Test (NA) or JGV's VJP
test between September 1, 2006 and July 21, 2007. While better scores in the NA test can be
obtained after the young dog's first hunting season, as far as this agreement goes, there are no
requirements concerning the test score. Because of the scheduling of NAVHDA tests, it is
sometimes not practical to carry out an NA test after hunting season until late Spring 2007,
when the dog will be well over one year of age.
Adelshaus Kennels considers the young dog's score on the NA test to be of little importance
compared to his performance in the UPT or UT tests, and, generally, in such instances
Adelshaus Kennels recommends a Fall 2006 NA test. Although the owner may choose to retest a
dog whose Fall NA test may not show their full potential due to lack of maturity of the dog (or the
owner), that is the owner's choice. The alternative to a Fall NA test is often worse. Running a
trained dog in "Natural Ability" is an oxymoron sometimes done by owners who, then, never test
beyond the NA test to the detriment of both the integrity of the test and the breed; and waiting
until after late Spring to start field training is often a poor choice, not only because of the more
limited field training time available before the Fall UPT and UT tests, but because waiting that
long can go beyond the optimal time to start the dog in field training. On the other hand if the dog
shows a significant lack of maturity, pushing the whole testing schedule back may be in the best
interests of the young dog. The policy of Adelshaus Kennels is to keep close to the German
schedule for testing, and this requires that the more advanced UPT (or, for more mature dogs,
the UT) be carried out before 2008. Ultimately, the choice of timing and which test to take are at
the owner's discretion. Help will always be available on the Adelshaus owners forum.
With regard to the NA test, although no particular test score is required, the owner is expected
to: a) expose the puppy to pen-raised or wild game birds in a "field search" context at least twice
before the test; b) to provide the puppy with the opportunity to track a pheasant (flight-feathers
removed) at least twice before the test; c) to give the puppy ample exposure to retrieving handthrown
bumpers from the water (8-10 feet out is ample) before the test; and d) to carefully
condition the puppy to gunshots to prevent possible gunshyness before the test. The use of the
Lucky Dog II dummy launcher with scented dummies (using game bird scents) is one excellent
device for this latter purpose because of the blank .22 caliber shells that can be used after the
puppy is motivated by thrown dummy retrieves. A copy of the results of one "Natural Ability" test
for said dog under the above guidelines is one of the three Refund Conditions for this
6) Have the puppy tested in the Penn-Hip testing procedure for hip health after the age of 12
months. (See FAQ on Penn-Hip site)A copy of the results of this test are required as part of the
agreement. A health questionnaire will be supplied to the owner either when other Refund
Conditions for this Agreement have been met or by March 21, 2008, whichever comes first.
Owner agrees to complete the health questionnaire in cooperation with their veterinarian and to
be signed by their veterinarian. A copy of the health questionnaire and the Penn-Hip test report
are the second of the three Refund Conditions for this Agreement. Owner also agrees to
cooperate with Adelshaus Kennels from time to time by supplying other requested health data
for said dog.
7) Test the puppy either in NAVHDA's Utility Preparatory Test (UPT), NAVHDA's Utility Test (UT),
the JGV HZP test or the JGV VGP test before January 1, 2008 or as soon as practical thereafter.
If the puppy fails to receive a Prize I, II or III from the first test, the owner agrees to retest the
puppy within 6 months. As preparation for this test the owner agrees to diligently train or have
trained the puppy in the skills required for these tests, such as search, steadiness to wing, (shot
and fall for the UT), retrieve, drag and the water skills, including ample practice in duck search.
Owners are encouraged to expose their puppies to wild game during the 2006-2007 hunting
season, but are not encouraged to use the puppy as a functional hunting dog, particularly not to
shoot over a point where the dog moves before the flush. The purpose of such exposure during
this first season is to develop desire to hunt and is not intended for field training or production of
"birds in the bag". Field training is best begun after the conclusion of the first hunting season. A
copy of the results of one of the tests listed above showing the prize status, or copies of the
results of two of these tests if the first test has an unprized score, comprise the third of the three
Refund Conditions for this Agreement.
8) The owner agrees not to neuter their puppy without written consent of Adelshaus Kennels.
Neutering without obtaining this consent comprises a breach of this agreement. After the
Refund Conditions of this Agreement have been met, owner agrees to consult with Adelshaus
Kennels about the breeding potential of their puppy. Adelshaus Kennels agrees to provide
support and assistance in finding appropriate quality breedings for highly qualified dogs, and
expects that owners will cooperate in this endeavor. It is only by this means that puppies from
this litter can contribute to the enhancement of the Small Munsterlander breed. Should an
“accidental” breeding occur wherein Adelshaus Kennels has not been consulted or where the
litter is not eligible for AKC registration, the owner agrees to either euthanize or neuter all
puppies in the litter.
9) At some future time, should the Small Munsterlander breed be recognized by the AKC or by
the AKC/FSS, the owner agrees to join and participate in the parent breed club for this breed
or, if such a breed club does not yet exist, to support and assist in the formation of such a
parent AKC (or AKC/FSS) breed club. If the parent AKC breed club is functioning, the owner, as
a member, agrees to conform to that club's breeding rules. If said dog is held to be unsuitable
for breeding by reason of genetic defect(s), owner agrees to spay or neuter said dog or return
the dog to Adelshaus Kennels.